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Our integrations open up new possibilities for you

You have the freedom to choose the precise devices and applications necessary to guarantee seamless operations. We integrate these components, guaranteeing the smooth functioning of your nurse call system.

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The market offers numerous applications and possibilities to simplify your processes. Through our digital platform, motica care, you gain the advantage of consolidating multiple applications into a single device and managing various devices with just one alarm solution.

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Care Documentation

​Our devices provide seamless access to partner platforms, enabling the documentation of care processes.

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​Management of residents and applicants. User-friendly, versatile, and highly efficient for your central management.

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Access Control

Our badges feature NFC chips, allowing us to integrate it with any access control system.

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Fire Alarm Systems

Market-leading fire alarm systems are seamlessly integrated with the SmartLiberty system, and alarms are directly displayed within the app.

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​The SmartLiberty system easily and rapidly integrates with all well-known sensors on the market, enabling the generation of over 40 different alarm types.

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Other integrations

Our system extends its control to include various applications, such as cashless payment systems, elevator control, and parking solutions.

Care documentation

Our digital platform enables the shared use of care documentation apps from our certified partners. Viewing or inputting specific data is possible on the same smartphone that is also used for managing alarms and making phone calls.

If you have any further questions regarding nursing documentation apps, you can contact one of our partners.


​The system is easy to learn and guides the user to the information with just one click. Thanks to integrated applicant management, future residents only need to be registered once and can be assigned to the correct room via bed disposition. Upon takeover, all existing information such as notes, documents, etc., is retained. In addition, the following options are integrated in the resident record: Pocket money management, meal service, and performance planning.

Care experts

In addition to digitalizing the nurse call system, it may also be worthwhile for you as a customer to adapt or review your processes accordingly. We work closely with mobile care experts who work with our customers to develop innovative care technologies to increase efficiency in care facilities. The integration of the specialist library with SmartLiberty, for example, is then easily done via our motica web app.


The digitalization of your facility will certainly include electronic access controls, such as for opening doors, mailboxes, or access to medication coolers. We integrate this process by attaching a Legic or Mifare chip to both resident and staff badges, eliminating the need for separate identification cards. Our platform supports all access control systems equipped with these technologies, whether online or offline.

Fire alarm systems

Integrating your fire alarm system with the Motica Care app is a simple task. We incorporate all alarm messages and errors directly into our platform, allowing you to define the desired level of information accuracy.

Using the ESPA 4.4.4 interface, we can display plain text messages in line with your fire alarm system's operating panel. A straightforward integration with potential-free contacts enables the transmission of simple fire or error alarms, ensuring a consistent alarm processing procedure with takeover function.


Relief instead of effort: We seamlessly integrate the most common and well-known sensors on the market into our system. Your staff can continue to handle alarms in their accustomed manner. Whether it's contact mats, motion detectors, radars, or other sensors, simply specify the devices to be used and how you want alarms to be displayed. Once configured, the system manages all messages uniformly.

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​Contact mat

The wireless contact mat is equipped with a sensor board for easy connection to the SmartLiberty system. When a resident steps on the mat, it sends an alarm to the nursing staff.

The alarm generated by the contact mat can be cancelled using the staff badge, and when not in use, it can be stored vertically, automatically deactivating the module.

We offer contact mats in two different sizes in our webshop.

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Motion detector

​As an alternative to the contact mat, consider the wireless motion sensor. Easily add it to the SmartLiberty system by inserting the sensor board. The motion detector monitors a 120° radius and can be discreetly placed, such as under a bed or in a bathroom. An alarm is generated on the caregiver's smartphone when a resident enters the detection radius, and it can be turned on and off with a simple button. When switched on, the motion detector analyzes the room for 10 seconds. The alarm is cancelled using the staff badge. You can order motion detectors in our webshop.

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QUMEA is a comprehensive fall prevention and mobility monitoring system designed for care facilities. With its unique sensor, it continuously monitors each patient's activity and mobility, automatically triggering help based on individual needs. When integrated with the Motica Care app, alarms from the QUMEA sensor are displayed on the same platform as resident and service calls, offering early detection of bed exits, restlessness, falls, and more.

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Further integrations

Of course, further applications can be combined with our system. We would be delighted to explore your individual requirements and conduct integration tests.

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Elevator control

Modern elevator systems can be controlled using NFC technology. We offer built-in NFC chips or extensions for staff and resident badges, supporting both Mifare and Legic technologies.

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Cashless payment system

If you require a cashless checkout system or already use one, our expandable staff and resident badges can be equipped with common reading methods to accommodate this need.

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Parking solutions

For staff access to your parking garage or parking lot, our staff badges can be equipped with NFC technology or an expandable chip, supporting both Mifare and Legic technologies.

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To receive all information, offers and promotions from SmartLiberty.