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With the support of our partners, we distribute and seamlessly integrate our solution into the European market.


In collaboration with our partners, we digitalize your existing nurse call system.

International Partners

Since 2018, SmartLiberty has working closely with various partners across Europe. This collaborative effort is aimed at delivering and implementing the SmartLiberty solution and the motica care mobile app in diverse markets.

The beauty of this partnership lies in our ability to adapt and tailor solutions to the specific use cases and requirements unique to each market, ensuring both technical and commercial competitiveness. Our close collaboration with our partners, rooted in their deep market insights, empowers us to offer customized solutions that mirror the successful model we have established in Switzerland.

Do you have an ongoing project in Europe, questions or are interested in a partnership? Then do not hesitate to contact our team

Schrack Seconet Logo

Schrack Seconet

Schrack Seconet is an Austrian high-tech company for fire alarm, communication and security systems and is one of the leading international suppliers in these areas. Represented in around 60 countries, their product is a standard for the world of hospitals and long-term care.


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Aras Security Logo

Aras Security

ARAS Security Benelux is a value-added distributor that not only supplies electronic security products and systems but also provides comprehensive support. Their expert installation partners ensure seamless system integration, and specialized teams are available for tackling complex challenges.

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MWS Logo


MWS specializes in designing and manufacturing telecom ecosystem equipment, with expertise in information processing and specialized applications to enhance information systems.

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AGIL Services

AGIL Services stands out as a provider of global solutions for IT, telephony and security, meeting the diverse needs of businesses. The expertise extends to specialized equipment for healthcare facilities, including maintenance services and security solutions. AGIL Services offers a complete range of services, from proactive maintenance to advanced security systems. AGIL Services is committed to optimizing operational performance while ensuring customer safety and peace of mind.

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Integrated Systems

SmartEvac Logo

SmartEvac ensures maximum security for fire and evacuation alarms, with the ability to achieve NEN2575-4 certification. Smartphones serve as the preferred receiving devices in this context.

mytamatMotica Logo
my Tamat motica

The newest member of the diverse library of notification media available in the Smart TAMAT Advance ecosystem, the my Tamat Motica app benefits from the full functional power of the solution.

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Visocall IP Logo
Visocall IP

The IP communication platform is the result of decades of experience and ensures security with maximum comfort for your patients and caregivers.

Meet our Export Team

Fanny Guenat                        

Business Developer

Sarah Camponovo               


Swiss Partners

Digitalization of your existing nurse call system

If you already have a nurse call system in place and aim to digitalize your operations, the motica care app offers a seamless integration option with your existing system. This integration enables direct smartphone alerts, linking both systems for enhanced operational efficiency. The result is more time for what truly matters: providing quality care to residents and spending meaningful moments with them.

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Our Partners

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To receive all information, offers and promotions from SmartLiberty.

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To receive all information, offers and promotions from SmartLiberty.