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The end of the classic maintenance contract: the new "pay-per-use" subscriptions from SmartLiberty

As flexible as the care teams

Le Landeron, 31.01.2022: SmartLiberty, the Swiss leader in digital safety and communication systems for long-term care, announces the launch of its new Flex+ and Max+ subscriptions. 

The current maintenance contracts in the world of long-term care are generally based on installed equipment and contain services, which are no longer in line with a digitalized world. Indeed, the world of long-term care has evolved and the number of part-time employees is increasing significantly. Moreover, the Covid-19 pandemic has shown that this sector can also be strongly affected by variations in bed occupancy. Is it therefore normal to pay a fixed contract when costs and income vary greatly? 

What are the benefits of the new SmartLiberty subscriptions?

    • Pay only for the actual use of the solution (pay-per-use)

    • Adapts to fluctuating nursing staff and bed occupancy

    • Updates included 

    • More flexibility and security than a traditional maintenance contract

Jan Binggeli, CSO of SmartLiberty explains: "Our new Flex+ subscriptions are adapted to the real use of the SmartLiberty solution by the users. The institution should not have to pay for licenses and support 7 days a week, for a user who is a member of the nursing staff and uses the system only 3 days a week. Therefore, with Flex+, the customer only pays the subscription fee for the daily use of the system. This has the advantage that fluctuations in staff or residents do not negatively impact the institutions' cash flow. For example, when an institution gradually opens places in a new building or when the pandemic tragically changes the bed occupancy rate, the subscription is automatically adapted. Of course, we have also thought of institutions that want annual visibility of their costs, thanks to the Max+ subscription, which is fixed according to the number of users in the system."

From the point of view of the content of the contracts, it is a question of being transparent with the customers: Traditionally, technical systems in EMS are installed according to the "install and forget" principle. However, the world has changed. With the increasing digitalisation of care institutions, new challenges are emerging: Vincent Decrauzat, CTO of SmartLiberty explains: "Today, your smartphone or computer receives an update every month. Security is strengthened and new features are added. It is therefore becoming essential, that Apps and business applications are also updated regularly, in order to remain compatible and secure." In addition, there are increasing constraints on the availability and management of these digital systems. A "Mobile Device Management" solution is needed to manage the fleet of smartphones and apps. A local and cloud-based backup solution guarantees rapid restoration in the event of disasters (water damage, lightning, etc.). Remote monitoring of the installation ensures continuous operation and proactive interventions. However, these services are often not included in the contracts of the providers of these technical solutions. It is then up to the customer to implement these tools, involving their technical department or IT managers. The end of the classic "maintenance contract" has thus come. 

With its Flex+ and Max+ subscriptions, SmartLiberty has deployed a solution that meets all these challenges. They include all the services and tools necessary for an institution wishing to go digital. SmartLiberty proposes a "pay-per-use" pricing for a maximum flexibility by taking into account the reality of the field in long-term care facilities. 

These subscriptions are available from 01.02.2022 for all new offers issued by SmartLiberty. 

Our sales consultants are at your disposal for any questions regarding the new subscriptions.

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