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SmartLiberty grows during Covid-Crisis

Digitalisation is not an option anymore!

Le Landeron, 08.04.2021: SmartLiberty, the leading swiss provider for digital security and communication solutions for the field of long term care announces steady growth in 2020. The Covid-Crisis, which resulted in several lockdowns and delayed projects, could not stop the company from achieving great success. 

Halted for nearly 2 months in spring 2020 due to full closure for external visitors of nursing homes in Switzerland because of the Coronavirus, business kickstarted strongly in june 2020. The second half year of 2020 was then one of the best in the company's history. The project management teams have been reorganised and extended, in order to cope with the workload and the ever changing plannings of customers due to the crisis. But the agile team did it and delivered quality digitalisation solutions to many new and existing nursing homes. Dominik Fischer, COO of SmartLiberty explains:

The planning was changing nearly everyday, due to new virus outbreaks, quarantines or simply new rules from the state's healthcare department. I could count on all our collaborators to help wherever help was needed, even if it was outside their usual responsibilities or comfort zone. The trust and the flexible way of working of the team is really what made us achieve this success in 2020

Dominik Fischer • COO of SmartLiberty

Direct sales revenues grew with more than 42% compared to the previous year, indicating a strong need for digital sensors and accessories for existing customers. “Digitalisation is not an option anymore, especially for healthcare!”, explains Tobias Britz, CEO of the company.

Any nursing home project in Switzerland that thinks about its future, knows that process and cost optimisations are necessary. But nurses also need more time for care. Digitalisation is the right tool to achieve both goals. That’s why our business is steadily growing year after year, by solving some of the daily issues that every institution has.

Tobias Britz • CEO of SmartLiberty

International sales grew massively as well, especially thanks to the strong partnership with Schrack-Seconet, a leader in Hospital Communication Solutions based in Vienna. New sites have been equipped in Ireland, Czech republic and Austria, to name a few. Stéphanie Kull, CFO of SmartLiberty underlines the importance of the export strategy: 

By delivering an impressive revenue growth of more than 72% compared to 2019, I see our export business becoming a positive contributor to our activity. And it’s only the start, as the market opportunity is absolutely huge. I’m also happy to see that with a global revenue growth of 10% for the company, we navitaged through the crisis and even improved our EBITDA. Our internal slogan Next Year Will Be Better has stayed true and a virus can’t do anything about that.

Stéphanie Kull • CFO of SmartLiberty

SmartLiberty also launched its new mobile App in September 2020. The App is the most advanced tool on the market for nurses in long term care and brings additional features like unified communication, messaging or built-in training tutorials. Vincent Decrauzat, CTO of SmartLiberty explains:

We took all the feedback we got from the previous App launched back in 2012, added all inputs we gathered during several User Innovation Days and packaged everything in a nicely designed user experience that is so easy to use. I’m proud my team managed to launch the App shortly before the second lockdown in Switzerland. The feedback we got from customers was amazing.

Vincent Decrauzat • CTO of SmartLiberty

SmartLiberty is now looking for additional export partners to distribute this new App, as well as the patented Real-Time-Localisation-System (RTLS) that is fully integrated with it. 

With a strong first quarter in 2021 (+27% global revenue growth compared to Q1/2020), the digitalisation of nursing homes continues at a good pace for SmartLiberty. The company will now work hard on its expansion plans and invest in even more advanced technologies for nursing homes. For the good of our seniors. 

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