Wanderer Management

A safe and open living space for maximum freedom of mobility for your residents


The SmartLiberty resident badge is worn by people who suffer from wandering issues. This badge automatically triggers exit or disorientation alerts if an individually defined mobility area is exceeded. The badge can be secured and tampering can be detected.


In the event of an exit or disorientation alarm, SmartLiberty reports the location of the resident to you, even if the resident subsequently moves to another location. Furthermore, the real-time location function can be activated to quickly find a resident in the nursing home.

Relax atmosphere

When the resident returns to the safe area, the alarm is automatically canceled. If a member of the nursing staff accompanies the resident, the alarms are suppressed. This makes daily functions less stressful and more personal.


  • Disorientation recognition

  • Wandering management

  • Real time localisation

  • Securable wristband

  • Wristband tamper alarm

  • Escort function

  • Automatic cancellation upon return to safe area

  • Door or access control

  • Alarm take-over function

  • Help actions tracking

  • Integrated mobile nurse call

  • And much more...

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