Technical alarms

Centralised real-time control of the technical system of the building for 24 / 7 operations continuity


The maintenance team of the facility remains permanently connected to its building thanks to the SmartLiberty app. The technical alarms are displayed in a clear and ordered manner, to enable rapid intervention at the right place.


The transmission of localised fire alarms is managed specifically in the application and allows the mobilisation of not only the technical staff, but also all the people currently connected. The redundancy of the alarm channels ensures guaranteed transmissions.


All SmartLiberty equipment and software are supervised to ensure safety at all times. Supervision alarms are displayed in the SmartLiberty support centre to allow proactive interventions if necessary.


  • Transmission of technical alarms inside and outside the building

  • “Invisible” mode for picket service

  • Potential-free contact interface

  • ESPA 4.4.4 interface

  • Specific management of fire alarms

  • Redundant alarm channels

  • Supervision of device and software

  • Batteries supervision

  • Proactive supervision by SmartLiberty

  • And much more...

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