Mobile nurse call

Safety at your resident’s fingertips for more autonomy throughout the residence

Quality of life

Residents are provided with badges that enable them to make a nurse call or service call throughout the home and surrounding area. This means their safe living space is no longer limited just to their rooms. This enables, in turn, a better quality of life for the residents.


The mobile nurse call is localised and securely transmitted to the touch-screens and smartphones of the nursing staff responsible for that resident. The take-over function ensures that only one caregiver responds and therefore enables the nursing team to work more efficiently.

Personal contact

To ensure that actual human contact occurs after each alarm, nurses are provided with badges with a local cancellation function. The cancellation therefore takes place personally with the resident. This enables tracking of help actions and is available at all times in the alarm history.


  • Mobile nurse call

  • Mobile service call
  • Localisation
  • Reassurance lamp on badge
  • Alarm take-over function
  • Visual, sound, and / or voice alarm output
  • Local alarm cancellation
  • Help action tracking

  • Escalation management

  • Telephone callback to room possible

  • Integrated sensors

  • Integrated wandering management 

  • And much more...

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