Assistance call

Quick and targeted help for nursing staff to ensure a better sense of security

A sense of safety

The nursing staff badge is equipped with a discrete assistance alarm button. If assistance is needed or in the case of an aggression, colleagues can be easily called for backup. This would apply, for example, if a resident has fallen.


The assistance call is forwarded to the appropriate nursing staff with the resident’s location. This means targeted help can be requested quickly. The take-over function ensures the optimal number of staff responds to the alarm.


After completion of assistance activities, the caller’s alarm is canceled in their presence using the cancellation button on the staff’s badge. The assistance is therefore recorded for any possible traceability questions.


  • Badge with nameplate

  • Assistance call

  • SOS / aggression call

  • Discrete trigger on backside of badge

  • Localisation during an alarm

  • Local cancellation

  • Alarm take-over function

  • Traceability of help actions

  • Configurable “psychiatry” mode

  • And much more...

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