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Mobile Intranet and Internet access for better efficacy in the documentation of care and better social ties


The caregiver can access care records in a mobile fashion throughout the facility, improving the efficiency and quality of data. Information for the documentation of carecan be directly entered close to the residents.

Social ties

With WLAN, residents can stay in touch with family and benefit from information available on the Internet. Computers, tablets, or smartphones have also become an additional social link.


Visitors, especially family, benefit from quick Internet access in the presence of their kin. This makes it possible to upload pictures, access social networking sites, or even settle administrative issues related to the resident.

Compose your optimal system

Combine WLAN with more than 20 specialized apps


Optimized for your facility

Secured intranet access

Connect your staff to computerized care records

Internet access for residents

Open a world of information and social links

Guest access for visitors

Controle security

Time limited coupons

Manage your network connections

Secured channel

Use this prioritized channel for transmission of alarms

And much more...

Combine WLAN with over 20 dedicated applications

Benefits for everyone

With SmartLiberty

With our WLAN function, while your staff will become more efficient, your residents will benefit from better contact with their families
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For your residents

  • WIFI internet access to stay connected with loved ones

  • Ability to handle administrative tasks with relatives

  • WIFI internet access in the case of families visiting

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For your healthcare staff

  • Mobile access to the computerized treatment record   

  • Access to files or other documents on the settlement network

  • Alarms reception on smartphones through WiFi

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For your facility

  • Standard system (802.11n) 

  • Data security through WPA2 keys and a powerful firewall

  • Separation of networks  

  • Little or no internal maintenance to do

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