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Unified, mobile communication for the efficient and flexible organization of health care teams


The telephones of the unified communication system are installed at the reception desk, in the offices, and among the resident rooms. Caregivers use smartphones.


Smartphones have become universal and SmartLiberty transforms them into a work tool that is suitable for long-term care. Connected staff are attainable with one click so that you do not have to remember internal phone numbers.


SmartLiberty adapts to the way you work by offering the flexibility required by your daily routine at your specialized institution. The integration of alarm management with unified communications improves collaboration between care teams.

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Compose your optimal system

Combine the telephony with more than 20 dedicated applications


Optimized for your facility

Fixed and mobile telephony

Evolve according to your needs

Reachability onsite and on the road

Keep your means of communication with you

Overview of logged-on staff

Quickly contact the current team


Receive information even in your absence

Announcement messages

Inform callers about your opening hours

Block outgoing calls

Stay in control of your communications

Centralized directory

Share your important contacts

Call transfers

Transfer your call to a colleague in 2 clics

Billing of calls

Generate additional revenue

And much more...

Combine the telephony with more than 20 dedicated applications

Benefits for everyone

With SmartLiberty

In addition to our core services, enjoy a modern and unified communications system in the entire institution and accessible to all
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For your residents

  • Residents can call at anytime, to stay in touch with their families

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For your healthcare staff

  • The main advantage lies in the use of smartphones. Indeed, it is the ideal tool for alarm management, but also for telephony. The ease of use is greatly appreciated

  • Through our partnership with Swisscom, call transfers are possible between colleagues in two clicks

  • thanks to the telephone company network, mobile telephony is available everywhere, even when you are moving or outside the building

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For your facility

  • IP Office est une centrale hybride, qui est parée pour l'avenir 

  • The center supports analog connections, digital, IP and mobile extensions

  • The extension for SIP trunk IP Swisscom in 2017 is possible

  • This unit allows to be extended up to 384 users, which is more than enough for long-term care institutions

Interested by SmartLiberty's solution?

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