Our vision

SmartLiberty Inc. is the leading swiss provider of professional mobile security and communication solutions for the long-term care market.

Our mission

Through our actions, we aim to improve the lives of people reliant on care and give some relief to the care givers on a daily basis. We reduce the complexity of technology and implement it ethically and humanely.


SmartLiberty SA is part of IDENTEC, a corporate group specialized in wireless technology. With over 300 employees worldwide, IDENTEC Group stands among the best RDFID experts on the market. 

More information: www.identecgroup.com

Our history

  • 1998 : Foundation of ER Systems SA by M. Eric Rusca as a spin-out of Ascom autelca.
  • 1999 : Engineering company spezialized in RFID
  • 2004 : Release of the Liberty - Solution for Healthcare and Security
  • 2006 : ER Systems SA becomes a member of IDENTEC Group
  • 2007 : Focus on healthcare only
  • 2008 : Start of our partner E-Health2u in Malaysia
  • 2011 : Takeover of the french Urbatrace brand as well as the swiss Novitech company.
  • 2012 : Release of the Liberty - Mobile smartphone solution for elderly care.
  • 2013 : Integration of telefony and WLAN into our portfolio. ER Systems becomes a global partner for long term care.
  • 2014 : Reorganisation of the sales team to be even closer to our customers.
  • 2015 : Name change to SmartLiberty SA and launch of the SmartLiberty solution.

Our values

  • Dignity and quality of human life are our main focal points.
  • The Swiss quality standard forms the basis of all of our solutions.
  • ​During the entirety of our solutions we offer all-encompassing, quick and uncomplicated support reachable at all times.
  • User-friendliness, mobility, and safety are our main focus in our technology concepts.
  • We keep further developing our solutions and are already working today on the solutions for tomorrow.
  • For us, profit is the prerequisite to ensuring growth, innovation, and independence.
  • Motivated and self-reliant employees with high qualifications are the base of our success.
  • Our clients are residents/patients as well as caregivers and management. The residents/patients stand at the center of our attention.

Our offices

SmartLiberty SA operates in Switzerland and Europe, with headquarters located in Landeron, near Neuchâtel (Switzerland). In addition, we currently operate on a commercial counselling level as follows: 

  • Solothurn (SO)
  • Au (SG)
  • Besançon (F)
  • Velizy (F)
With its 25 employees, SmartLiberty is considerd as a SME in expansion phase. 
SmartLiberty SA
Route de Neuchâtel 46
2525 Le Landeron