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Our main applications

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Mobile Nurse Call

Accessible security for your residents and greater autonomy throughout the establishment

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Wandering Management

An open and secure living space for maximum freedom of movement of your residents


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Assistance Call

A quick and targeted call for the caregiver, for an improved sense of security

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Unified, mobile communication for the efficient and flexible organization of health care teams.

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Mobile Intranet and Internet access for better efficience in the documentation of treatment and better social ties

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Technical alarms

Integrate technical alarms in your buildings with SmartLiberty's solution

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100% Modular solution

Choose yourself among our different functions and applications and compose the system that will be the most adapted to the specific needs or your care institution

  Stay mobile!

Thanks to SmartLiberty's mobile application, enjoy every functionality, whenever you want, directly from your smartphone
You don't need complex and costly devices anymore, everything your nursing crew needs now fits in your pocket!
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New for long term care institutions

Use secured smartphones with SmartLiberty's app along with our partners' digital care documentation apps!

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Sage is a multinational software-editing society, which headquarters are located in Newcastle. In 2010, Sage is ranked third among European software-editors, behind Dassault Systems and SAP and in front of Software AG and DATEV


SADIES SA was created by 27 care institution shareholders who wanted to enjoy better electronic services at a reasonable cost. It is with that goal in mind that SADIES SA collaborators work every day, in close relation with their 200 clients


easyDOK is your reliable, state-of-the-art partner when it comes to digital care documentation for retirement homes, nursing homes as well as other fields in the entire medical and care sector


POLYPOINT makes the link between higher efficiency and information security. Their purpose is to ensure the immediate delivery of critical information to your personnel


topCare Management AG consulting society specialized in health services and more particularly in home care services


SWING INFORMATIK AG specialises in long-term care. They offer a complete, modern and modular solution for retirement homes (financial packages, administration and accounting, management control, etc.)


Tecost SA is a well known company, operating in consulting as well as in information systems management in the Swiss market of long term care.
Notre slogan est "Maîtriser la complexité et avoir toujours une longueur d'avance"


WigaSoft AG is specialized in healthcare solutions since 1993. They nowadays offer a wide range of products and services in the domains of patient files documentation as well as the capture and analysis of doctors' and nurses' performance

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