SmartLiberty SA is the Swiss leader for the professional mobile systems of safety and communication in the market of the long-term care.

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Our solution

SmartLiberty is the new standard for security and communication in the world of long-term care. Combining in a modular fashion the mobile nurse call, wandering management, assistance call, telephony, WLAN, as well as more than 20 specialized applications, it's the most all-encompassing solution on the market. Designed with the help of nursing staff, SmartLiberty is easy to use, highly secure and of Swiss quality. Putting humans in the center, SmartLiberty contributes to the improvement of quality of life of your establishment's residents and allows caregivers to work in an efficient manner
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Our mission

Through our commitment, we improve the quality of life of dependant persons and relieve the medical staff in his daily tasks. We simplify the use of modern technologies and implement it in an ethical and human way.

Our values

  • Dignity and quality of human life are our main focal points

  • The Swiss quality standard forms the basis of all of our solutions

  • During the entirety of our solutions we offer all-encompassing, quick and uncomplicated support reachable at all times

  • User-friendliness, mobility, and safety are our main focus in our technology concepts

  • We keep further developing our solutions and are already working today on the solutions for tomorrow

  • For us, profit is the prerequisite to ensuring growth, innovation, and independence

  • Motivated and self-reliant employees with high qualifications are the base of our success

Our history

1998     Foundation of ER Systems SA

1999     Engineering company spezialized in RFID

2004     Release of the Liberty - Solution for Healthcare and Security

2006     ER Systems SA becomes a member of IDENTEC Group

2012     Release of the Liberty - Mobile smartphone solution for elderly care

2013     Integration of telefony and WLAN into our portfolio. ER Systems becomes a              global partner for long term care

2015     Name change to SmartLiberty SA and launch of the SmartLiberty solution

2016     Opening of our office in Winterthur

2018     SmartLiberty celebrates its 20th anniversary and starts exporting to Europe

A fast-growing organization

Where are we ?

SmartLiberty SA is a fast-growing company. Active in Switzerland and Europe, our headquarters are located in Le Landeron, near Neuchâtel, in Switzerland. Currently present in 6 sites in Switzerland, our organization has no intention of stopping here!

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