Wandering management

An open and secure living space for maximum freedom of movement of your residents


The SmartLiberty resident badge is worn by people with disorientation problems. The wristband automatically triggers escape or disorientation alarms when an individually defined wandering circle has been exceeded. The badge can be secured and its removal detected.


In case of an escape or disorientation alarm, SmartLiberty informs you of the geolocation of the resident, even if he moves afterwards. Furthermore, the real time geolocation feature can be activated to quickly find a resident in the facility.


When the resident returns to the secure zone, the alarm will automatically cancel, making the daily operation less stressful and more humane. If a caregiver accompanies the resident, the alarms are disabled.

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Compose your optimal system

Combine wandering management with over 20 dedicated applications


Optimized for your care facility

Detecting disorientation

Detect if a resident wanders through the facility

Detecting escape

Alert when a resident leaves the site


Find residents faster

Automatic cancellation on return

Bring a disoriented resident back in a safety to automatically cancel alarm

Access and door control

Use the same badge to control your doors and access

Alarm takeover function

Avoid action of several staff members for the same alarm

Securable wristband

Prevent residents from removing their badges

Detecting wristband removal

Inform the staff when a resident removes his badge

Escort function

Accompany your residents to avoid setting off alarms


Check the history of each alarm on your smartphone

Integrated mobile nurse call

Activate the mobile nurse call  feature with the same badge

And much more...

Combine wandering management with over 20 dedicated applications

Benefits for everyone

With SmartLiberty

Thanks to the wandering management function and the badge, your residents with disorientation disabilities will benefit from a more secure space and better suited to their daily lives. Additionally, our system will also enable healthcare staff to work more calmly
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For your residents

  • Increased wandering zones for the residents, because we are aware when they leave the area being manageable for them

  • Freedom of movement without alarm, with the visitor badge

  • The badge is the same as for the mobile nurse call, it is worn with pleasure. Moreover, it is not stigmatizing and therefore more discreet, because everyone wears it

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For your healthcare staff

  • Integration of disoriented residents in the daily life

  • Mobility and open life space

  • Reduction of search time thanks to the geolocation function

  • Accidents prevention thanks to the wireless sensors

  • Automatic notification when the resident is back in safe zone
    Alarms reactivity, which are triggered in the 2s after crossing output tags, which leaves more time for staff to care for residents

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For your institution

  • Speaking of operations, the main advantage lies in the fact that the system is the same as for mobile nurse call. This is only an additional function

  • Integrative or separative management for disoriented residents. Combinations are also possible

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