Is it ethically acceptable to geo-locate individuals?

We worked closely with the Swiss Foundation for Rehabilitation Technologies and the Swiss Alzheimer Association to establish an ethical charter in order to be able to answer this complex question. We would love to share our vision. 

What data is stored?

In general, only the data that is strictly necessary to the operation of the system is stored, including alarm records. All data is secured with passwords. The data relating to a resident is only accessible to the people who are authorized.

Are radio frequencies harmful to humans?

The systems that we use comply with the Swiss and international standards to ensure the safety of people and the equipment. In addition, our badges are approved for hospital use (EN60601). 

What is the lifespan of the badges' batteries?

It typically ranges from 1 to 3 years depending on daily use. The battery status is regularly sent to the server and SmartLiberty will notify someone in advance if a replacement is needed.

What is the environmental impact associated with this solution?

The production of SmartLiberty is located in Europe to reduce the amount of embodied energy used. Most of the elements can be repaired or recycled. The used batteries are recyclable up to 95% thanks to partners like InoBat. The energy consumption of the equipment has been fully minimized.