Specialized functions and applications

More than 20 specialized applications and functions for the sector of long term care

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Wake-up sensor

Help a resident when he gets up and prevent falls, especially at night

Bed presence sensor

Check that an independent resident does not fall when returning from the WC, especially at night

Door opening detector

Inform the caregiver when a resident wanders out of his room

Epilepsy sensor

Alert the caregiver in the event of a Grand Mal seizure crisis

WC pull cord

Receive alerts in the event of a fall or requirement of aid in the WC

Emergency button

Mobilize your teams in case of heart attack or similar problems

Wound documentation

Securely document wounds or situations through the Smartphone camera

Technical alarms

Integrate technical alarms in the building with SmartLiberty

Fire alarm

Act quickly in case of fire alarm sent to the entire nursing staff

System supervision

Constantly check the proper functioning of your SmartLiberty installation

Service call

Let your residents call for help for hotel or non urgent needs

Access control

Use the SmartLiberty badge to manage access control of specialized units

Pool alarm

Quickly alert in case of incident in the swimming or therapeutic pool of your facility

Wristband removal alarm

Receive information if the badge of a resident wearing a secure wristband is ripped

Alarm takeover

Inform your colleagues in charge of the alarm to avoid sending for more than one caregiver


Consult the health care actions in your Smartphone history for each alarm

Realtime localization

Enable real-time geolocation to quickly find residents in the facility

Groups management

Dynamically organize your health care teams into specific functions of your facility


Receive audible, visual and voice notifications for alarms concerning you

Escalation management

Ensure that an alarm is not missed by using three escalation levels

Proximity alarm cancellation

Ensure that human contact takes place after each resident alarm

Automatic wandering alarm cancellation

Let SmartLiberty automatically cancel wandering alarms when a resident is back in the safe zone

Wandering detection

Detect when a resident wanders into dangerous places in your facility

Escape detection

Alert when an unauthorized resident leaves the site of your facility

Escort function

Accompany a resident outside without setting off alarms

Live phonebook

Call the people currently working on-site in one click

Centralized phonebook

Share important contacts of your facility on all Smartphones

Mobile nurse call

Let your residents call for help anywhere in the facility

Assistance call

Secure your nursing staff in case of help required

Attack alarm

Secure your nursing staff in the event of an attack

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