Mobile Nurse Call

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Accessible security for your residents and greater autonomy throughout the establishment


Quality of life

Residents are equipped with badges allowing them to make a nurse call or a service call throughout the establishment and its surroundings. The secure living space is no longer restricted to the room, which improves residents' quality of life.


The mobile nurse call is geolocated and is transmitted securely on touchscreen displays and on the smartphones of the group caregivers in charge of the resident. Tasks being picked-up can be flagged in order to ensure that a single caregiver is on the move, which improves the efficiency of the healthcare team.

Human contact

In order to ensure that human contact takes place after each alarm, caregiver staff are equipped with badges provided with a proximity alarm cancellation function. The cancellation is therefore done nearby the resident. Furthermore, traceability of care action is possible.

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Compose your optimal system

Combine mobile nurse call with more than 20 dedicated applications


Optimized for your care institution

Mobile nurse call

Break free from wired alarm systems

Mobile service call

Differentiate emergency calls from hospitality calls


Take action faster by knowing where to go


Record care actions for automatic documentation purposes

Escalation management

Make sure that residents' waiting times are short

Resident room callback

Recall the resident's room phone to communicate with them without moving

Calming lamp

Display the alarm status on the resident's badge

Alarm takeover function

Make sure that only one member of the healthcare staff is on the move

Alarm notification

Receive visual, sound and/or vocal alarm notifications

Sensor integration

Connect sensors and generate specific alarms

Integrated wandering management

Activate the wandering management function with the same badge

And much more...

Combine Mobile Nurse Call with more than 20 dedicated applications

Proximity alarm cancellation

Ensure that human contact occurs at each alarm

Benefits for everyone

With SmartLiberty

Thanks to the function of the mobile nurse call, your residents will see their quality of life improve. In addition, SmartLiberty's solution is designed around occupations in long-term care and aim to optimize the performance and management of specialized institutions

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For your residents

  • Open and safe life space

  • Freedom to come and go 

  • Feeling of security everywhere 

  • In case of fall, call is possible everywhere on site  

  • Possibility to move independently   

  • Quick answer time  

  • Protection of the private sphere

  • Meilleure attention du personnel

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For your healthcare staff

  • No closed doors, codes or useless keys 

  • Reduced search time, thanks to the geolocation   

  • Less alarms, less stress  

  • Accidents prevention, thanks to wireless sensors

  • Better division of labour 

  • Fewer unnecessary trips with the residents' management feature throughout the site  

  • Attractiveness of the workplace through the use of modern tools

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For your institution

  • Total mobility for your residents and care givers in an open and safe space   

  • Traceability of care actions  

  • Care quality improvement  

  • Performance and efficiency of your work force
    Clarification of responsibilities

  • Image of an open and secure facility at the forefront of technology

  • Flexible layout thanks to wireless 

  • Defense tool in case of legal attacks (historical, traceability)

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