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Assistance Call

A quick and targeted help call for the caregiver, for an improved sense of security

Feeling of security 

The caregiver badge has a discreet assistance call button. In case of a need for help or of aggression, it is easy to call colleagues, for example when a resident has fallen down.


The assistance call is sent to nursing staff who geolocate the caller. Thus, the aid can be organized quickly and in a targeted manner. The alarm takeover function can be used to optimize the number of persons responding to the alarm.

And much more...

Once the situation is resolved, the aide cancels the alarm, thanks to the badge's cancellation button. The assistance action is then recorded to ensure complete traceability.

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Compose your optimal system

Combine the assistance call with more than 20 dedicated applications


Optimized for your facility

Customizable name badge

Be recognizable and secure

Call for assistance / aggression

Call for assistance in case of an incident

Discreet trigger

Alarm discreetly, with the button on the back of the badge

Proximity alarm cancellation

Be sure that you will have human contact after every alarm

Alarm takeover function

Avoid several staff members taking action for the same alarm

And much more...

Combine the assistance call with more than 20 dedicated applications

Geolocation in case of emergency

Let your colleagues find you quickly

Benefits for everyone

With SmartLiberty

Thanks to the assistance call function, the system will allow you to enjoy a quick and targeted aid. Whether it is in the case of aggression against a staff member, the fall of a resident or simply if an employee can not take care of the situation on his/her own, SmartLiberty's solution will meet your expectations
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For your residents

  • Rapid and targeted help for serious problems

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For your healthcare staff

  • Help around the establishment

  • No need to leave a resident who fell alone thanks to the assistance call

  • Enhanced feeling of security, particularly for night shifts

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For your institution

  • Additional security tool for your staff   

  • No need for a system for additional isolated workers

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